Kelshall Parish

Shrove Tuesday Fun

Tuesday 16th February is Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day. At 5.30pm on for 30 minutes we will have a 'pancake day fun time' (We need to trademark that is bound to catch on).

You can expect something like the following to take place:

  • What is pancake day anyway?

  • pancake day themed quiz

  • cook and flip your pancakes - points for panache and style

  • who has the most random pancake filling and will still eat the pancake?

It would be helpful if you had some pancake batter and fillings ready to go at the start of the Zoom, and if you can safely Zoom from your kitchen, all the better!

For more details on the St Faith's & St Mary's Church Services during lock down and information on how to book in, head over to the St Faith page

Rapid testing now available in Hertfordshire

Rapid testing for anyone without coronavirus symptoms is now available across Hertfordshire. In North Hertfordshire, there are sites in Royston, Baldock, Letchworth Garden City and Hitchin.

Key and essential workers who cannot work from home during the current government restrictions are especially encouraged to book a rapid test every few days to help us ensure that essential services are as safe as possible.

Around one in three people with coronavirus do not show symptoms, which means they could be spreading the virus to family, friends, co-workers and into the community without realising. Knowing if you have coronavirus even though you do not have symptoms means that you can protect your loved ones and help to stop the spread of the virus.

Free rapid tests are available by appointment only and bookable up to a week in advance.

Church Services During Lockdown

For the moment, because of lockdown restrictions, there will be three services taking place each Sunday in the benefice, one in a building and two online.

9am A Service of spoken Family Holy Communion at St. Faith's. 10.15am Morning Worship on Zoom at

5pm 'Espresso Church' service on Zoom at This Zoom service is a contemporary, informal service of 30 minutes, with a hymn, a Bible reading, a sermon and a reflection. There is then a five minute break followed by an optional 20 minute discussion of the sermon/Bible text.

For more details on the St Faith's & St Mary's Church Services during lock down and information on how to book in, head over to the St Faith page


All that cycling on the annual bike ride was worth it! St Faith's has received a grant of £7,000 towards internal glazing and stonework repairs from the Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust. The repairs are part of a £250,000 programme covering internal and external repairs to the church.

Work will start in the Spring on repairing the window frames and lattice which are rusted and bowing, both at ground and clerestory level. With the addition of the grant this work can be funded from the Church's Restoration Fund. Further funds will be needed to cover the whole programme of work and other grants are being solicited and an Appeal planned.

St Faiths is Grade II* listed and a rare example of a church of the late perpendicular period which has suffered very little alteration in appearance since it was built in the period 1380-1430.

Kelshall PCC

National lockdown: Act like you have got it!

The new COVID-19 variant is spreading fast and around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 don't have any symptoms. Continue to follow the Government lockdown restrictions to help slow the spread of the virus:

  • You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary.

  • Only exercise outdoors for 1 hour per day by yourself or with one other from a different household.

  • Limit trips to the supermarket and try to go alone.

  • Do not meet socially with family or friends unless they are part of your household or support bubble.

  • Wash your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds.

  • Wear a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.

  • Stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household or support bubble

Lock Down Guidance


This Christmas St Faiths distributed origami angels for making up which were then hung in the church. What looked simple turned out to be quite a challenge and resort

had to be made by many to Youtube demonstrations. The children at Therfield School put the rest of us to shame and, thanks to Gemma Moule's hard work and efforts, provided some very colourful ones. In all, by the Carol Service we had nearly 500 in the church strung between columns and on window sills.

St Faiths has remained open for its 9 am Sunday service over the post Christmas period

Modification Order Kelshall Routes The Street to Byway 18 / The Street to Therfield Byway 36 / Route of NH/216 to Therfield Byway 41

Notification received via Countryside and Rights of Way Service regarding three applications to amend the record the county council keeps of public rights of way in Hertfordshire. The applications lie south of the village of Kelshall and are:

  • NH/216 Add a restricted byway from The Street in Kelshall to Kelshall BOAT 18 along the route of the existing unclassified road.

  • NH/217 Add a restricted byway from Therfield BOAT 36 to The Street in Kelshall along the route of the existing unclassified road.

  • NH/218 Upgrade part of the footpath Kelshall 19 to a restricted byway and continue the route northwards to route above.

More details on the proposal and how to comment, click here

Census 2021 approaches

Households across Hertfordshire will soon be asked to take part in the nationwide survey of housing and the population. Every decade the census helps decide how future services such as housing and doctors surgeries are funded.

Be Alert to Covid Virus Scams

Criminals are using the COVID-19 vaccine as a way to target the public by tricking them to hand over cash or financial details. They are sending convincing-looking text messages letting people know they are eligible for the vaccine or phoning people directly pretending to be from the NHS, or local pharmacy. PEOPLE ARE WARNED TO BE ALERT TO THESE SCAMS:

The NHS will:

  • NEVER ask for payment - the vaccine is free

  • NEVER ask for your bank details

  • NEVER arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine

  • NEVER ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents such as your passport.

Top 4 Vaccine Scams

TEXT MESSAGES - People are asked to press a number on their keypad or to send a text message to confirm they wish to receive the vaccine, doing so is likely to result in a charge being applied to their phone bill and fraudsters collecting personal information to use again.

PHONE CALLS - Victims receive a phone call from a fake caller offering the vaccine for a fee or asking for bank


WEBSITES - Fake URL links to convincing-looking NHS vaccine booking forms, these look like official NHS

forms and may contain some personal information already, at the end of the form it asks for their bank details.

IN PERSON - Fraudsters are calling unannounced at the homes of victims by pretending to be from the NHS to administer the vaccine there and then, in exchange for a cash payment.

Waste tips to help slow the spread of coronavirus

To help slow the spread of coronavirus and keep you and our collection workers safe, please remember to:

  • Wash your hands before and after putting your bins out.

  • Disinfect your bin handles and lids.

  • If you have coronavirus, double bag and store any used tissues and PPE for 72 hours before being put outside for collection.

Wash and squash your recycling waste!

To help our waste crews, if you have any extra recycling waste, please remember to wash and squash the waste before putting it in your bin. Here are some top tips to help:

  • Scrape out any food remains/pour away excess liquid from your recyclable items.

  • Give your recyclable items a quick rinse.

  • Squash your recyclable items safely either with your hands or under your foot.

  • Tear any cardboard boxes into smaller pieces.

  • Once you have put the items into your grey bin, push down on it all to make more space. Wash your hands after!

Thank you. Together we can help maintain a good waste and recycling service for everyone during the Covid-19 crisis.